Conrad Smith

A decade of solid service to our beloved All Blacks has established Conrad Smith as both a household name and somewhat of a living legend. His down to earth attitude, determination and passion which extends to many aspects of his life means that he is an individual that young and old New Zealanders alike can look up to. A barrister and solicitor of the high court of New Zealand, Conrad illustrates that a good work ethic goes a long way. His involvement in charity work showcases this further and rounds off a lifestyle that reflects his inspiring attitude.


What’s happening in the world of Conrad Smith for 2014? 

I’m in the middle of another pretty gruelling year of rugby. Currently, I’m with the All Blacks, soon to go back to my beloved Hurricanes, and then more All Black rugby until November. My first year of married life is going great and we are about to take on even more responsibilities in September so can’t wait for that. There is not a lot of time outside of all this but I’m still trying to find time for my other hobbies, mainly; trying to cook, reading to keep my brain active and working out how to beat Beauden Barrett at golf.


Describe the most generous person you know. How have they influenced you?

My Mum would be my first answer, but she doesn’t like me talking about her, so outside of her, the most generous person I know would be Cassandra Treadwell, founder and CEO of  the charity, ‘So They Can’. I met Cass a few years ago and she told me about a displaced community she had met in Kenya. She was so touched by their plight that she went back home and has spent the last 7+ years building a charity that has since built them a school, an orphanage, countless homes and completed many other projects. She works tirelessly and now has a massive team, myself included, caught up in her mission to help.


Can you name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated?

Good manners. ‘Please’, 'thank you' and 'your welcome', said with a smile. So easy to do and always makes people feel better about themselves. 


Can you tell us three things that inspire you and why? 

A good sports documentary … like the ESPN documentary, 30 for 30’s. They show how sport can inspire people to do pretty special things.

People like Cass … seeing what they have done is very inspirational.

Volunteers … particularly in sport, people who give up a tonne of time and effort and don’t ask for anything in return - the world needs more of them.

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