Charity Updates March 2013

One Percent Collective is only three months young and already, with the help of our incredible donors, we have raised over $10,000 to support the fantastic work of our partner charities. We believe in impact and we believe in transparency, which is why 100% of your donations go directly towards the charities of your choosing. We thought it was time to give you a run down of exactly where your 1% is making a difference in the world so we asked our partner charities to tell us where your donations have affected real change. 


Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

The Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre celebrates its 9th birthday in March 2013 and what a phenomenal nine years it has been. From our first shared office with one therapist and a handful of clients, to our current location – a beautiful villa in Grey Lynn with three music therapy rooms and nine registered music therapists on the team.

Last year was an exceptional year for the Centre in terms of our growth and significant milestones we achieved. We delivered over 4000 music therapy sessions either at the Centre in Grey Lynn or via one of the 18 Outreach locations we work in around the greater Auckland area. November saw us provide music therapy sessions to a record number of 217 children and young people on one month.

Over 20 volunteers kindly donated their time to work with us on a range of activities from administration at the Centre, to assisting with the many fundraising activities we hold each year, to gardening and maintenance of our building. Their continued support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.

This year we have another busy year planned with a goal of offering music therapy sessions to 250 children by the middle of the year. With no statutory funding, we need to raise over $500,000 each year to continue to change the lives of so many young New Zealanders. None of this would be possible without the great support we receive from our volunteers, donors, sponsors, patrons, businesses and organisations such as One Percent Collective, who we are delighted to be working with in the digital space.

We are running a small unique event early next month. The Auckland Symphony Orchestra are holding a classical music concert on our behalf on Sunday March 3 at 2.30pm at the Raye Freedman Centre in Epsom. Tickets are available to purchase online at or at the door and all proceeds from these sales come directly to the Centre.

For those of you who would like to know about the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre and the work we do, there is a wealth of information on our website:


Project Jonah

Rescuing whales is hard work without knowledgeable helpers to lend a hand. That’s where Project Jonah comes in. We have over 2,000 trained volunteers from Kaitaia to Bluff, ready to respond at a moment’s notice when whales or dolphins strand. It’s been an unusually quiet summer thus far, with only eight reported strandings but the organisation has not slowed down its training program. 185 new recruits have already earned their credentials this year, giving them the skills they’ll need to get the marine mammals out of trouble and back out to sea when the need arises.

In fact, there are still spaces available in the next courses, held in Auckland on 2nd and 3rd March and in Tauranga on 23rd March. If you’re feeling a bit heroic and would like to become a certified cetacean-saver, check out the events on Facebook, sign up at, and be sure to follow Project Jonah via our newly revamped Twitter page.


Sustainable Coastlines

2012 was a year of major milestones for Sustainable Coastlines. We delivered educational presentations to more people, involved more volunteers in beach cleanups and planted more trees than ever before. We also recorded our largest event yet, with over 3,000 people involved in cleanups during our ‘Love your Coast’ Wellington project.

Early in the year we added two permanent members to the team. Chris Cochrane, Manager of Creative Projects, joined our crew in January, as did the Education Station, our modified shipping container that serves as a mobile classroom. These new recruits greatly extended our ability to deliver creative projects and spread our educational message far and wide.

Our charity has put huge effort into developing our educational offering; reaching out to more schools, delivering better awareness messages and improving our education tools to affect positive behavioural change. With more research, greater experience from previous years and an increasing focus in education, we are working harder than ever to look after the coastlines we all love. 2012 was a great year and 2013 promises to be even better.



SpinningTop closed out 2012 with an incredible amount of highlights. Some of our key achievements included:

  • Providing stationery for over 13,000 vulnerable refugee children living on the Thai/ Burma border.
  • Rebuilding schools in rural Burma that were previously occupied by the military and where villagers had been forced to flee their homes for safety.
  • Continued support of the Thoo Mwee Khee Agricultural Project, growing over 4000kg of nutritious vegetables in the first year with extensions to the garden in the last 12 months that have increased capacity even further.
  • Providing the basic necessities for almost 300 orphaned, unaccompanied or abandoned children living in boarding facilities in Thailand.
  • Supporting shelters in Samoa for children who have been victims of sexual abuse through emergency food supplies for the shelter and working with a fantastic bunch of Kiwis on our 2012 volunteering trip to transform the collapsing shelters into homes.

These are just a small number of projects that SpinningTop worked on last year and this work will be continued in 2013 as well as a number of exciting new projects, which we are currently in development. Sustainability is core to everything we do, which is why we collaborate with a number of incredible organisations also working in our focus areas so that we can maximise our funding and impact, whilst keeping our team nice and small. To get a full view of 2012's achievements, just click here.



Pat Buckley continues to impact right across the community through his charitable trust Amped4Life. 2013 holds exciting times for Pat, with at least another 50+ schools to deliver his life-changing and life-giving talk.

One of the best parts of Pat’s work is when he receives messages of thanks from the school kids. This recent message of thanks sums it all up:

“Hi Pat I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming in yesterday to talk to us in November. We all found your stories, experiences and messages really inspirational. I think what you do is amazing and I think it is incredible that you made your way out of such a dark place and turned your life around to help young people make the right decisions. What you said yesterday will stay with me for the rest of my life and I am so grateful that you do what you do because I was set up to do some pretty stupid things but after your talk I know now to make the right choices. So I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. :)”


ReGeneration Trust

ReGeneration Trust have been keeping busy with a huge variety of projects and workshops promoting active citizenship, generosity, volunteering, social enterprise and innovation. 2012 saw a large number of inspiring short films created based on some incredible New Zealand-based changemakers. What all these people have in common is a sense of purpose and the intention to leave the world a richer place than they found it. The Changemakers Conventions continue to gather some of the best and brightest across New Zealand and inspiring the enormous variety of young Kiwis who attend.