Legacy Charity Update

What makes us want to give? Why did you choose to give to these charities? Whatever the reasons are, know that you are making a difference with your continued support of our legacy charities, thank you! We asked the charities what they have been up to over the past few months, read on to hear what your donations are helping achieve.


Earlier this year Kaibosh hit the very special milestone of having provided the equivalent of one million meals to Wellingtonians in need. This was a great opportunity to reflect on how many people have been involved in getting Kaibosh to where it is now, including valued supporters like you. We’ve also been working hard on setting up a new branch in Lower Hutt, which will mean great things for how far our work can reach.

We’re currently working with 31 regular food donors to support 32 community groups, and over the last three months we’ve provided the equivalent of more than 87,000 meals to those in our community who need it most.

We sincerely appreciate the support of One Percent Collective members – it’s with your help that we can keep working towards our vision of Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste.

Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines has been keeping busy throughout winter planting seedlings alongside waterways, working hard to stem the flow of harmful nutrients, pathogens and sediment into our waterways, restore habitats for native flora and fauna and improving the quality of our freshwater ecosystems.

During our winter 'Love Your Water' tour we mobilised 1,119 volunteers, students, parents, and corporate groups to plant 5,520 trees during 11 planting events around Aotearoa. What's more, our trusty tree planting team delivered educational presentations to 25 schools, helping to inform more than 3253 school students about the issues of water quality in New Zealand and inspire change through simple solutions to fix these problems.  

Thanks to beautiful people like your good self, Sustainable Coastlines is able to continue their work to inspire, educate and enable others to look after the coastlines and waterways we love. Kudos to you. Now, with summer poking its sunny head around the corner, we're looking forward to giving back to our beaches, with a series of clean ups planned at a coastline near you.

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

The past few months have been our busiest to date, with our Centre in Grey Lynn now open six days per week – Monday to Saturday. In June this year we launched four new music therapy programmes in the wider Auckland community, with music therapy now available on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in the North and Orakei in the East. This brings the total number of outreach programmes we are delivering in Auckland communities to 15. We’re now in discussions with potential locations in Mangere and Otara in South Auckland in the hopes to launch two new programmes in early 2016.

Last month we welcomed our new Clinical Services Development Manager, Jen Ryckaert to the team. Jen visited the Centre in February this year from Rochester, USA and we are thrilled that she has decided to move to New Zealand to come and work with us. Jen will be key in helping us expand our services further geographically and also to work with a wider range of children and adolescents with special needs and disabilities.

It is through the support of you – the One Percent Collective members – that we are not only able to continue working with an average of 200 children and adolescents each week, but also to look at growing our service further to enable more young people access to music therapy and a chance to change their lives, through music.


This year Amped4Life has impacted the lives of nearly 17,000 kids in 55 High Schools across the North Island. We have been going into some tough areas throughout the Hawkes Bay, sharing a positive message which inspires change through our life giving message. We’re loving serving our local communities in this way.

We have helped facilitate new Drug & Alcohol policies within industry standards in Kawerau, where we have managed to deliver empowering messages to many parents and grandparents.

We are extremely grateful for the financial support and partnership One Percent Collective supporters have made to Amped4Life and without your help we would be limited in our effectiveness in taking our message to a larger demographic, to combat the ongoing scourge of substance abuse within our nation.

Project Jonah

Thanks to the generous donations received from members of One Percent Collective, not only can we meet some of our regular ongoing costs, we are able to set aside funds which can be called upon during a stranding emergency. That regular income means we can plan for the future, which is at times one of our biggest challenges.

On the 27th of August a very rare Antarctic Minke whale became stranded in Point Chevalier, Auckland. We spent several hours caring for this whale as well as looking after the members of the public who came along and helped on the day. The whale was stranded on a treacherous muddy shell bank with a quick incoming tide and the stranding site had the potential to be very dangerous. We worked alongside the Department of Conservation and the whale was successfully refloated on the incoming tide that afternoon. Knowing that we can respond to such emergencies and meet any unexpected costs, allows us to focus on the welfare of the whales and people, rather than worrying about finances.

So far this year we have received calls involving 219 animals. This covers 10 different species and involved a variety of responses from us and our medics. On Valentine’s day, we had the largest stranding in New Zealand in over 15 years, with 198 long finned pilot whales stranded at Farewell spit in Golden Bay. Over 500 people attended this stranding, and Project Jonah staff and medics ensured these people were all aware of the dangers and knew how to stay safe around these wild and helpless animals.

Last summers’ training season saw us run 16 medic courses and train 365 new volunteer medics and members of the public prepared to attend a stranding in their community or further afield. Thanks to you for helping make all of this possible so we can continue ongoing life saving work.


At SpinningTop we are emerging from winter feeling pretty darn good about all that we've managed to support so far this year with your help.

We have partnered with an Italian non-governmental organisation to provide stationery to 66 migrant learning centres around Mae Sot, Thailand. This means that 110,00 exercise books are being distributed to thousands of migrant kids from Burma this month. These books are essential to their ability to learn.

We are again providing some support to the incredible Thoo Mwee Khee School in Thailand, which provides education and boarding to around 700 kids. Our agriculture project there is still going strong and means a constant source of fresh, nutritious food for the children, as well as being a great educational tool.

Inside Burma your funds go even further. At one remote village we are helping extend their school building and install solar panels for less than $3,000 NZD. This will transform life for the small children that learn and board at the school.

In the border town of Myawaddy, a town full of vulnerable young people, we are embarking on a new venture with an organisation called Stay in School. This aims to improve the life chances and opportunities of young Burmese. After two years of research and trials in schools, a centre is being established and opens in November this year. The centre will offer non-formal education and life skills to young people who have dropped out of the education system, which is common at around 12-13 years, and are at-high risk of many forms of exploitation. With the generosity of our One Percenters and other donors, we intend to reach and teach around 360 vulnerable young people here in the first six months. Thank you.


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