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We asked our partner charities what they've been up to over the past few months. Read on to hear what your 1% donations have been helping them achieve!

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One Percent Collective

Smashing it! Over the last quarter, the Collective raised more than $33,000 for our partner charities with their humble 1%'s, and played a big part in making everything you see in the charity updates below possible. With that all wrapped up, we can officially announce we’ve passed the quarter million mark on total funds raised!! Yep, together we’re preeeeeeetty strong. So if you know another generous Collective member, then today’s the day to give them a massive hug.

As for ourselves, we kicked off the period with the #WhyMusic online project, asking people to tell us why music inspires them, and we were pretty damn humbled by the responses that came pouring in. We went to ground with it all and have been putting together issue three of The Generosity Journal… and holy smokes we can’t wait to share it. It’ll be coming out late September with some seeeeriously inspiring stuff on music and generosity, including one of the most moving things we’ve ever read written by the lovely Ladi6.

We also really wanted a way to consistently share a range of our charities’ stories with you guys every month so there’s something for everyone in the Collective, and we reckon a clean design is really important for that, so we were stoked to wrap up the design and structure for our Storytime monthly emails. Hope you’re lovin’ em!! For me, one of the stories that moved me most over the period was this one here by Daniel about his bub and their neonatal journey. It's something really special, and the generosity of people to share such vulnerable stories as his keeps blowing me away.

So yeah, good stuff, on the rise and all that. ‘Til next time, you keep backing your favourite charities with your 1% and we’ll keep hustling the good hustle to build the Collective and inspire more lovely humans to join us!! Oh yeah, did we mention that Trade Me are now our corporate sponsor alongside The Original Cocoa Traders? That happened, go you generous peeps!!

Inspiring Stories

The past few months we’ve had a huge focus on tightening up our strategy, and the design and delivery of our programmes to back young New Zealanders. The regular donations from you, and the awesome crew at One Percent Collective play a critical role in helping us reach more young Kiwis.

In May we kicked of our new Future Leaders programme working with 16 young people from rural and provincial areas including Buller, Opotiki, Kawerau, Whakatane, Rotorua, Palmerston North and the Manawatu. As well as time on the ground in each of these communities listening and learning, we’ve just brought everyone together for our first national hui in Wellington. Throughout the year, the crew will be developing and piloting initiatives to make a difference in their own backyard. The areas they want to focus span youth unemployment in Rotorua; empowering young people to shape the future of their community in Buller; building career pathways in the Manawatu; and even an adventure festival in the Bay of Plenty linking together Kawerau, Opotiki and Whakatane.

Our team have been working hard to create our best Festival for the Future yet, and already we’ve engaged with more than 200 young people through a series of co-design workshops to help them shape the programme and experience of this year’s Festival. Last year Festival attracted 500+ attendees, with emerging leaders from more than 20 Pacific Nations in the room. Tickets to the event sold out 5-weeks in advance, and the buzz was incredible. This year the Festival is happening in Auckland at the prestigious Aotea Centre – September 23–25. We’ll be releasing the full programme in August. Check out the video on our site that one of our volunteers has made – it’s amazing. We’d love you to join us for this year’s Festival – grab your ticket here.

One of the flow-on pathways from the Festival, is our accelerator programme – Live the Dream, which develops New Zealand’s young social entrepreneurs every summer across three cities: Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Live the Dream attracts a diverse range of young people driven to solve the pressing problems our world faces – it's for school leavers, tertiary students and young professionals aged 18-30. Nearly 100 alumni have graduated from the programme so far – some are still cranking their ventures, some have started new ones, and others have found their dream jobs. Two alumni – April McLennan and Robbie McGregor of Christchurch, have just returned from the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley thanks to scholarship support from the US Embassy – the event was co-hosted by none other than US President Barack Obama. We’ve just launched the call for applications for this years’ Live the Dream programme – if you know a young New Zealander who wants to make a difference in our world, shoulder tap them to apply! 

We live in a world with urgent and complex problems that need solving – social, environmental, economic. More than ever we need to ensure that our young people understand these challenges, and have opportunities to develop their connections, capability and confidence to make a difference.

There’s about 1,000,000 New Zealanders aged 13–30 – that’s one quarter of our country’s population. It’s a demographic that if empowered, can achieve remarkable things for our communities, nation, and beyond. With the generosity and support from amazing people like you and the crew at One Percent Collective – we can make this happen. Imagine!

DCM Wellington

It is becoming clear that there has been a significant increase in the numbers of people coming to DCM for support over the past year, people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. In the June quarter, more than 500 people came through our doors, compared with 435 in the same period last year. The issue of homelessness is featuring regularly in the media and is high in the public consciousness.

In June, DCM director Stephanie McIntyre was made a Companion of the Queen's Service Order (QSO) for services to the community in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, and she took the opportunity to thank all those who, like the One Percent community, are such an important part of everything we do at DCM:

“Some years ago DCM adopted the by-line 'together we can end homelessness in Wellington' – because collaboration and community is essential if we are to achieve this goal. The honour I have been gifted reflects the commitment and achievement of so many people and partners who support DCM's important work with the most marginalised people in Wellington. But at this time I particularly want to also honour the courage and perseverance of the people who pass through our doors and whose lives we have the privilege to touch."

A couple other highlights of the quarter are the successful Winter Foodbank appeal at which Wellingtonians donated a total of 73 boxes of food to get us through the winter months, and beginning our first work readiness course, Te Whariki, where participants were supported to identify barriers to getting into work, developed and began to implement personal plans with the support of their DCM keyworker, gained work experience and attended a range of challenging and interesting sessions. Also, during the quarter, 80 people with high and complex needs received much needed treatment at the new DCM Dental Service.  All of them reported a significant improvement in their quality of life, and we are pleased to be able to share some of their stories and a little more about the service very soon. To our lovely One Percent donors, watch out for it in your email!

Ngā Rangatahi Toa

Ngā Rangatahi Toa has had an amazing ultra-productive couple of months with lots of exciting developments and we have a couple of new additions to the whanau. Our new Director of Engagement is the inspiring Huia O’Sullivan who brings an immense amount of knowledge and mana to NRT. We have also started working with counsellor Jess McCabe who brings her love and light (and hilarity) to our rangatahi to walk with them on their journey. All of this is happening in our new classroom, a space of creativity and transformation for all.

This incredible space, the NRT School of Creativity, had a soft opening in July at the MIT Faculty of Creative Arts in Otara. Big uuuuups to MIT who are making all our dreams come true and are another of our positive risk-taking partners. The kick-arse creatives at Warehouse Stationery have also come to the party and kitted us out with mean as technology, and all the sharpies and stationary you’d ever need to makes a life less ordinary. Our classroom is home to all our whanau, graduates and current students as well as being a hub of innovation and transformation for our core rangatahi. It will also provide arts access for up to 60 alternative education rangatahi from around South Auckland.

We’ve been workin’ workin’ workin’ on our new website and we’re getting close to pretty much breaking the internet. Our site will become a hub where you can find the low-down on why we do what we do, profiles on our incredible staff, mentors and rangatahi, the inside info on Manawa Ora and Art ACTion and all the other NRT intel you’ve ever wanted. Our first  quarterly newsletter is almost good to go too… so stay tuned. You can all sign up via our website to receive this newsletter and ensure that you are the envy of your friends, cos you’ve got your finger on the NRT pulse.

Can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have the support of our One Percent crew! SO SO AMAZING! Having untagged funding is a charitable trust’s wet dream, so we have been dancing in the aisles, giving thanks, and projecting loving kindness to all you amazing humans who inspire us with your generosity.

As you may have heard it’s pretty leeeeeeean out thurrr in the world of the arts and we unfortunately lost our Creative New Zealand funding for 2016. Bit of a blow to say the least, but with our incredible community (of which you are part) we have been able to pull it all together to ensure that NONE of our projects are impacted. The amazing funding from you fine folk will go directly to making sure that our flagship project, Manawa Ora, goes on as planned. You’re changing lives. True story.

So much goodness is a’coming for NRT. Our pilot project, Takatū, which is funded by the actual human-angel hybrids of the Next Gen fund, starts in August. We’ve already inducted our staff and artist-mentors into the new blueprint of extreme creative awesomeness and soon will be the turn of our beautiful rangatahi. Aaaaaaaand Manawa Ora is coming to you soon! Workshops kick off end of September, opening night Wednesday 5th October, at Herald Theatre, Aotea Square. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram so that you know when to grab a ticket….or 10.

Much love! Be kind to yourself and others. It makes the world a rad place to be.

The Neonatal Trust

The year continues to be very busy, which is great! We have a great mix of projects underway that are delivering support for parents right now, as well as looking forward to the medium & long term to enhance existing support and add new services.

Getting the mix right with focus on the present, and the future, is important to ensure we can be most effective in helping neonatal families. We recently conducted a survey to get some more insight into the most useful information provided currently (and any gaps). Armed with this feedback, and the changing nature of information consumption (move to mobile phones) we have started to ‘digitise’ our ‘What to Expect’ booklet to be more easily accessible on phones and tablets. Also, we are complementing this with 'tips and tricks' from neonatal parents who are sharing their experiences.

One of our core objectives is to support research, which is so very important to ensure the future enhancement of neonatal babies. In the last quarter it’s been our pleasure to support the work of Dr Max Berry and Maria Saito Benz. They are using critical monitoring equipment funded by The Neonatal Trust – more details here.

Also, we’ve helped the recruitment of participants for two Massey University studies - one researching diets of babies and the other the care of Micro-Prems (born 23-28 weeks gestation).

Finally, and importantly, our MASSIVE thanks goes to you for being a One Percent Collective member. Our support of neonatal families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey, and the enhanced care of their precious babies, is only possible because of wonderful people like you! We are incredibly appreciative of all those who support us and want to be sure that our focus on being grateful isn’t diminished by being busy.  So... watch our Facebook page for an announcement of our ‘Chief Thankyou Officer’ role. We’re introducing a focused volunteer role to ensure that we put our best foot forward in this space.

NB. During the last quarter, we also had the privilege of taking Reuben, Sarah and James from One Percent Collective through the Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Read about their thoughts, and view some images here.

Medicine Mondiale

We’ve had a very positive few months here at Medicine Mondiale! Our fundraising in schools initiative is going well, and we currently have 58 primary and secondary schools around New Zealand holding bake sales, fashion shows, night markets and more so that they can sponsor one or more LifePod infant incubators and send them to countries of their choice.

We’ve also just held a fantastic fashion and lifestyle event in Auckland, a great night out, which raised over $75,000. With the school fundraising programme, our fundraising events and the donations we’ve received so far we’ve nearly reached our first target of $1,000,000! This is very exciting – it means we now have the funds needed to start manufacturing LifePods. We’re about to send an engineer to our factory in Chennai, India, to oversee the first pilot scale production run.

We’ll send our very first LifePods to Fiji so that we can follow these new incubators closely. Each incubator has a Data Logger so we can monitor what is happening to each one and how it is being used. Once we’ve completed this test, we’d like to send LifePods everywhere; wherever there is a need for them. Unlike conventional infant incubators, LifePods are specifically designed to work well in developing countries; where access to pure water and regular electricity is an issue, and our fundraising schoolchildren and donors have sponsored LifePods for countries in the Pacific Region, Asia and Africa. We’ve also had interest from international government agencies.

Medicine Mondiale is a voluntary organisation, so all of the amazing support we receive from our wonderful One Percent Collective donors goes straight to our world-changing initiatives. Each LifePod costs $2000 to make and saves at least 500 babies lives – so you could say the last quarterly donation from the Collective will directly help hundreds of babies have a much better start in life!

We’re very appreciative of all of the support, and as we continue to fundraise for LifePods, and other programmes like our nutrition bars, every dollar continues to make a real difference.

Garden to Table

It’s been a busy couple of months at Garden to Table! We have welcomed Al Brown as our first Garden to Table Ambassador, launched our Online Programme so schools all around the country can introduce Garden to Table to their students, and had a great time at the Auckland Food Show where we spent four days talking to people all about growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing good food. Oh yes, and we also welcomed 4 new schools to Garden to Table – Roscommon School and Robertson Road School in Auckland, Newtown School in Wellington, and Casebrook Intermediate in Christchurch.

We are working on spreading the word at the moment about the Online Programme and what we do, so have recently produced a new set of brochures and posters that showcase our fantastic students having fun in the kitchen and garden. Funds from our fantastic One Percent Collective donors over the last quarter have helped us to be able to print these important resources so we can share the word and reach more Kiwi schools and kids!

Wellington on a Plate is our next big event. We’re working with Lewis Road Creamery and Wellington Museums to give kids a ‘Taste of Old – Pioneer Cooking for Kids’. Children will have the opportunity to churn their own butter and make scones on an old coal range at Nairn Street Cottage, showing them how life used to be before electricity! We still have a few spots left on 20 and 21 August, so why not bring your kids along! Full details and tickets here.


April and May mean one really big thing for Kaibosh – the lead-up to and happening of Make a Meal in May, our annual fundraising appeal. The idea is simple – make a meal at home, donate what you would have spent on a meal out and put food on the table for Wellingtonians in need. It's a great excuse to get your friends together over some food, and we were happy to see how many people got behind this year's appeal. There were some pretty spectacular meals made, including this one that raised enough funds to provide a whopping 2,400 meals to those in our community who need it most.

National Volunteer Week in June was a chance for Kaibosh to thank our team of more than 120 dedicated volunteers – we're lucky to have people we can count on to help us rescue and sort food, come rain or shine.

Kaibosh also had its busiest month ever in May, with more than 17 tonnes of good, healthy food being rescued between our Wellington and Lower Hutt branches – that's the equivalent of more than 50,000 meals, and close to a 14 tonne reduction in carbon emissions. The continuing support of One Percent Collective donors goes a long way to helping us do this, and we're ever grateful that you've chosen to send your donations our way!

Coming up in August is All Taste, No Waste – Kaibosh's Wellington on a Plate event that's now in its second year. We're over the moon to have Depot's Kyle Street at the helm and we can't wait to see what he cooks up using unloved, often wasted foods.

Thanks for your support One Percent Collective – it's with your generosity that we can keep working towards Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste.

Project Jonah

When asked what Project Jonah does, the simple answer 'save stranded whales' doesn't begin to cover it. On the Sunday 5th June, the most important thing we do was highlighted: empowering communities.

At first light on the Sunday, two whales were found stranded 15 kilometres north, at a beach near New Brighton, a coastal suburb of Christchurch. Unfortunately one whale had died, but a local medic who happened upon the scene, quickly organised those with the surviving whale – sending some for sheets and buckets, and others helping to move the whale upright. While this was happening, we were working closely with the Department of Conservation and Environment Canterbury, arranging equipment and mobilising our local trained medics. At 2.30pm, the whale was refloated and was seen swimming to deeper water.

Throughout the day, some amazing things happened;

  • The local community of New Brighton organised huge support for those on the beach. Through their Facebook page, they ensured hot food, baking, soup and drinks were brought down to the beach for all those helping.
  • Many people heard the news of the stranding and left home with a bucket and a shovel and came to help – amazingly, over 1,000 people turned up through the day. While this is far too many people to work closely with one whale, the spirit to answer a call for help was truly heart-warming.
  • Over 30 of our locally trained volunteer medics responded to our calls, helping the whale and to organise those on the beach.
  • Lots of people meant lots of water – water chains were rapidly formed and continued all day, meaning the whale was never in danger of overheating.
  • A spotter plane was launched to look out for the rest of the pod and a digger arrived, which was used to dig a channel to the whale and help us to refloat earlier than the high tide.
  • Scientists were contacted, both here and overseas, and crucial data was recorded. These scientists helped to confirm this was a pod of false killer whales (while related to pilot whales, they demonstrate many different behaviours).

It's this community spirit that often goes unheralded, but is in the core of a successful refloat. Simply put, without this kind of response, without caring people responding to a call for help, we cannot do what we do. Our One Percent Collective donors totally support us in our mission to empower communities and make a difference in the lives of marine mammals in New Zealand. Thanks again for your support team!

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

We’ve had another very busy quarter at the Centre, expanding our Outreach programmes into two new schools and launching our third pre school  Tune In Group programme. In July we also started providing music therapy sessions to a young man in the Acute Brain Injury unit in Ranui, who was recently injured in a motor vehicle accident. While most of our work is still focussed on children and adolescents with special needs, we are regularly approached by other individuals and groups interested in looking at music therapy and how it may be able to assist more people in need.

After months of discussions and communication with Nazareth College, New York State, USA we are delighted to have been able to develop and launch an affiliation internship programme with Nazareth College and welcome our first intern student, Miss Victoria (Tori) Gac. Tori joined us on a one year placement from Nazareth College in early July and will provide music therapy sessions for 25 hours per week as part of her clinical placement requirements. A core competency for her music therapy clinical training is to develop respect for and skill in working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and Tori has already started providing music therapy sessions to clients at both the Centre and in one of our Outreach programmes. We are very excited about this new internship programme which we intend to run annually from now on. We are also hopeful of expanding these kinds of programmes to provide our music therapists with similar opportunities in the future.

And we continue to rely on the support of trusts, organisations, businesses and individual donors, including our generous One Percent Collective donors to help keep the Centre running. With no government funding, we need to raise $750,000 each year to keep the Centre running and are appreciative of every dollar of support we receive to assist with this!


We just finished our Annual Report. Cool story huh! Well, yes because the interesting thing is that last year 90% of our spend went into EDUCATION projects – and with good reason. You see, with many international donors pulling out of Mae Sot (to focus their efforts inside a safer Burma or new conflict zones around the world), a number of schools were suddenly left with children at the gate but no money to open the doors. So we were proud to be able to support seven grassroots education projects – each of which are often meeting kids' needs above and beyond just learning to read and write. For instance, the Social Action for Women (SAW) school in Mae Sot was established to provide an education to the children in their care, frequently orphans from Burma or children being sheltered with their mothers. As a result of your help this year 229 children, who often have trauma and face considerable barriers in other schools, were able to continue their education in a safe, familiar place.

Check out our Facebook page which gives a run down of all seven projects and the amazing work they do with your donations.

And for the Auckland crew, The Good Guys Comedy Show is taking place at The Tuning Fork on Sunday 11 September. Hosted by the ever-clever Michele A'Court, this is always a fantastic night out as seven award winning comedians donate their talent to make you laugh and raise money for SpinningTop. We're excited! Check out the lineup here.

Sustainable Coastlines

We're halfway through winter and halfway through our Love Your Water nationwide tour. Planting trees alongside waterways helps to improve water quality and restores habitats for native flora and fauna, so we're stoked to be able to bring our riparian planting events and education programme to nine regions of Aotearoa this winter.

Tree planting events are coming up in Christchurch, Dunedin, Golden Bay, Tasman, Whangarei, Raglan and Waikato over the next few months and we'd love to see you there - please join us.

The Flagship Education Centre has been relocated to her new home in Wynyard Quarter and we've got an exciting programme of events including yoga, up-cycling workshops and more, so if you're in Auckland swing by and say hi.

We are grateful for the support from our wonderful One Percent Collective givers - thank you for helping us to look after the waterways and coastlines we all love.


These last few months we’ve been hard at work to continue impacting students in schools as they navigate the challenging years of adolescence. We’ve also been providing advice and solutions to grandparents and parents about the dangers of substance use and abuse and offering practical answers to local industry in relation to substance use in the workplace. We continue to be a relevant and sustainable solution to the ongoing scourge of drug use in our society.

A big thank you to our 1% donors who help to make our work possible! With your help, just these last months we’ve been able to deliver 13 High School Presentations, 14 School Councelling visits, 4 Men’s Group Seminars, 2 Community Methamphetamine Awareness seminars, and presentations at Camp Raglan Survival Camp, RYPEN Camp and 2 youth groups. We’d love to share these couple pieces of student feedback with you below, and until next time, thank you!

"The best talk I’ve ever heard. So personal and straight up. Nothing was sugar-coated which just showed the reality behinds drugs. I remember you from the last time you came to our school 5 years ago. You’re a great guy. I think that your presentation was inspiring and educational. You are an amazing speaker & I admired how far you have come. There was not a moment you didn’t have my undivided attention. Thank you so much" STUDENT- TRIDENT HIGH SCHOOL

"Hi Pat and Amped4Life! I just want to say a big thank you for talking to us today. You are truly an amazing, moving story teller who has inspired us and made us more aware of the dangers we are most probably going to face in the near future. You seem like such a genuine person who truly believes in what you do. And I thank you for that. All the best in your endeavours." CHELSEA –STUDENT-WESTLAKE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL

"I want to say thank you for showing me that not everything in life sucks. I’ve had a few tough times and you helped me see that there’s always a way through. I’ll be sure to text you in the future." STUDENT WHAKATANE HIGH SCHOOL