Amped4Life Interview

Amped4Life works with  schools, industry and communities across New Zealand to address the underlying causes of drug and alcohol abuse and offer support services to tackle this insidious problem. Founder Pat Buckley is helping young people make better choices.


We know your own experiences with bad choices as a young man gave you true passion for helping rangatahi. You have been keeping it real and speaking from the heart to our young people or 11 years! Can you tell us a little about what made you take up this work?

I feel that nothing in our life is wasted, we can take all of the bad experiences, the pain and hurt, and turn it around. I am using my experiences to give young people tools to navigate their journey and reflect on their decisions. I want to give these kids some principles of truth to help them stop and think before they make choices that could end up damaging themselves or other people. Ultimately with some bad decisions you can end up dead. I want to work towards a purpose greater than myself, I think it is a sign of maturity when you live for others and not just yourself. I was fortunate that my my whanau loved and persevered with me when I was making bad choices and now I am providing that support and guidance to others.


Tell us about a special moment you have had at Amped4Life.

I have many special moments from my work, I receive hundreds of emails from kids telling me that Amped4Life has had an impact on their life. This is one of those emails:

"Hi, Im not really good at writing but here goes, my names T….. Im 16 I was in the year 11 health class that you spoke to today at T….. college. Today i woke up with the intention to jump off a bridge over train tracks in front of a train. I have been planning this for the last 2 months. Planned for this day on my way home from school. I have been doing weed for 2 years also, very much so addicted and i just found out a few weeks ago that i am 5 weeks pregnant. After and during listening to your lecture i was coming to a few realizations. Today when i got home from school, i told my mum i was pregnant and addicted to weed. Listening to you speak today gave me real hope that i can turn my life around. I thank you for helping me come to this realization. You have changed my perspective on life. You saved my life and my babys life. Thank you."


One Percent Collective donors have given $3056 since last November to  help you reach your goals. Tell us about the great work you have been doing.

We have been to 40 schools this year, reaching over 15,000 students with tools to make good choices, particularly around risky behaviours such binge drinking and drug taking.


How can people get involved with Amped4Life?

We rely on your generosity to continue our work, sign up and donate your 1% to Amped4Life today. If you have other skills you want to contribute such as fundraising, web design or accounting, graphic design get in touch with Pat on

Donate your 1% to Amped4Life here.