Amanda Betts

Dog-lover, model agent and firecracker!

Amanda Betts is one of those people that brings a lot of honesty and passion to what they do, she is definitely a human firecracker and one strong lady. She contacted us here at One Percent Collective when she started her new business because she believes in the power of collective action, not just being a way, but the ONLY way. As a renown model scout with her fingers in various pies in the fashion industry she told us she wanted to weave generosity into the business model of her new venture. Recognising beauty is a gift, Amanda is encouraging all the people on her books and beyond to use their beauty to do good for others by donating 1% of their earnings to charity. We love your work Amanda!


Describe the most generous person you know. How have they influenced you?

My Grandma, Kay, one of the greatest loves of my life; the one who saved this wild alley cat (hey, you don’t leave school and home so young and dumb if everything’s rosy!) by seeing and believing in something I couldn’t see in myself by gifting me the line of a modelling course 30 years ago. That $750 course ended up changing the entire course of my life, and, since everything is a domino & ripple effect, it would seem the courses of countless others’ lives, too. And although Kay physically left in 2003, her spirit lives on in me, my teenaged son, Izaac, and everyone who benefits out of anything I say or do that helps them step up and be a better version of who they were yesterday.

What’s happening in the world of Amanda Betts at present?

Ha ha! What isn't happening in the world of Amanda Betts? After one of the most difficult phases of my life ever (and that’s saying something) in 2012-14, & walking away from the company I co-founded in Red11 Models, I've finally emerged. Now I’ve the balance of doing what I absolutely love (scouting, building and developing people and businesses) while doing good and giving back in a way that aligns with my values and purpose - set the foundations. I’m focusing on building my talent scouting books so that I have a collaborative collective of like-minded people, my new ‘Tribe’, all rallying behind each other to make stuff happen that creates a powerful ripple effect for adjustment and change many will benefit out of. And I’ve just been selected as one of the top 13 for the $50K Ora Dreams Grant. Oh, and I’ve been invited to do a presentation to students at Manurewa High School on opportunities through leveraging. Considering I left home & school aged 15 with only two years high school under my belt, the clothes on my back and 20 bucks in my pocket, 40 minutes won’t be a challenge to fill!

Can you name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated?

I’m a big one for smiling and almost singing ‘Hi!’ to anyone. I was the first person chosen for the AMI SMILE television and print campaign that what you send out to the world comes back to you. It’s one of my proudest model moments because I felt I was what I was promoting. And yet I was paid for it. So definitely the smile. It’s the best free gift and act of generosity you can give as long as it’s used with good intent! That and displaying the same kindness to ourselves as we do others.

Can you tell us three things that inspire you and why?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. Honestly, the birds are all around me; The moor-pork on a sunny Saturday evening, the hawk that flew past my home in Pt Chev, the swallow in a house we were staying in, the duck who waddled into our backyard (we live on a busy main road), the kaka in Papamoa, the heron that swam with me at McLaren Falls, the tuis, fantails, the wood pigeons. Recently I went to take a picture of a wood pigeon sitting perfectly perched in a tree, this guy came along the path on his bike, disturbing the bird, and, it seemed, my perfect picture. I was annoyed. The picture ended up being a colourful semi-blur of a bird, and being so amazing, that I realised that disturbance and chaos can be spectacular. And sometimes when things go supposedly wrong is when you get the unexpected best.

Co-creative expression and collaborating with people who live by the same values while fulfilling their own purpose is an inspiration. That’s why I’m truly inspired by ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE.

And giving birth is also a huge inspiration. Ok wait! Hear me out! I realised that when Izaac (another of my great loves) arrived into the world, that physically giving birth wasn’t the only way to create and bring forth into the world.  There’s giving birth to ideas, concepts and dreams and no matter who we are, where we come from or what we've done, we’re always giving birth. Once we realise, reflect and understand the various stages - the conception, the incubating or cooking, the labour or work and the crazy intensity of giving birth - we have countless opportunities to keep creating, growing and evolving.

Check out Amanda’s tribe over at, she runs modelling and confidence courses, workshops and bootcamps. We love the interviews with her models about why they give their 1% to our partner charities.