3 new partner charities

We are super excited to let you know that as of today, we have 3 new partner charities joining the Collective; Mixit, Fair Food and ADC Microfinance. You can learn more about their work below and remember if you already donate and want to add any of these organisations to your list of chosen charities, or simply ever update or review who you donate to, you can do that by logging in to your account here. HUGE welcome friends!!!

ADC Microfinance

ADC Microfinance empowers budding entrepreneurs in Myanmar and Malawi through microfinance. We believe that by supporting entrepreneurs through microfinance, entire communities can work their way out of poverty through business development. We give credit where credit is due. Learn more…

Fair Food

Fair Food is Auckland’s first food rescue charity, working to deliver its vision of “Addressing Hunger and Tackling Food Waste.” This dynamic West Auckland organisation has delivered on its strong environmental and social goals since 2012. Learn more…


Mixit uses creativity to support young people from former refugee backgrounds to help increase life skills, become stronger human beings, move forward and build their capacities to successfully integrate into our communities. Learn more…

Why give a %?

If you are not yet part of One Percent Collective and are interested in joining, remember we pass on 100% of your donations to you chosen charities. You can share your regular donation amongst any number of our partner charities that you choose, yep you just set up one donation, we take care of the rest. Plus we’ll share stories on the impact your donations are having and will invite you to Collective events, so you can meet other people who give a %. Joining takes less than 3 minutes :)