Mara TK

Mara TK is arguably best known for his golden-voiced, gift giving in Kiwi future soul trio Electric Wire Hustle. A previous Red Bull Music Academy Alumni, Mara TK has collaborated and performed with the prestigious likes of Eru Dangerpsiel, Wild Bill Ricketts, Fly My Pretties, Ommas Keith, Julien Dyne and many more. He’s a singular musical and creative force with predilections for the artistically bizarre and wonderful. One of his recent projects, Taniwhunk, investigates concepts of “Maoris in space”. Taniwhunk re-imagines the early navigation and charting techniques of Maori settlers in Aotearoa through a bilingually futurist space exploration lens. Doesn’t get more intriguing and musically explorative than that.


Describe the most generous person you know and how they influenced you.

Mothers are killin' the game in this respect aren't they? Yeah, my mom and my partner Jessie. One of my dearest friends Dave Wright for sure. That dude will do anything for his friends. Should I tell people that?


What’s happening in the world of Mara TK for 2013?

Man, I always have these thoughts about my ancestors, like, 'Were they as busy as I am?' and 'Was the artist’s gene just making them crazy too?' So a lot is going on for everyone in 2013. My life consists of the routines that my partner and I try to maintain for our daughter, interjected by other forces like new work that comes along for me. Production work for some wonderful artists…next level artists actually. I just got a dream project with Te Papa curating some music to accompany five Hotere artworks and Michael Parekowhai's carved grand piano. More political things that hopefully get people voting more lefty parties.


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

Altruism for sure. Helping others. It can cost you nothing; like voting in a way that helps the poor, that costs you nothing. What else? Oh man, being more organised perhaps?


What inspires you?

I saw Sam Hunt perform at WOMAD and I found it very inspiring. Like something in me went, 'This is what I've always wanted to hear' you know? A great poet, living, standing right there in front of me saying the most wondrous stuff. Girls half his age.And books man. Stephen King’s, 'On Writing'; his memoirs of the craft. Great for anyone who wants to write.


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