James Nokise

We had the recent pleasure of watching James Nokise at work. This consisted of an Auckland hall full of people with their heads back laughing. Nokise is a talented comedian who turns smarts and observation into brilliant, cultural comedy. With over four years on the UK pro circuit under his belt, and twice nominated for New Zealand's top comedy award, Nokise is recognised as one of New Zealand’s top young comedians. He’s got a giant heart too and is a big supporter of one of our partner charity, SpinningTop. We chatted to James about what generosity means to him.


What’s happening in the world of James Nokise for 2013? 

Hustling around the country. If I'm not writing a show, I'm touring one, and if I'm not touring then I'm performing at home (Welly) or in Auckland. It's busy but in a way you could never complain about. And fun. Always, always fun. 

Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

Dancing. Trust me on this. Find some time to dance, even if it’s while you’re walking or when you’re alone, and your world will be a brighter place. 


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

  • Let’s see … Wellington … maybe just put it down to the city. I've felt the same way in London too. If I’m blocked or can't quite figure something out, I always just go into the city and see what happens.

  • Then there's the New Zealand arts community. I love the way we keep finding ways to make work happen, especially when there really isn't any help as you start out except from each other. Everything is different, individualistic and often exploring something new. We're dysfunctional but very much a family. 

  • A good movie trailer. Never underestimate the power of a good movie trailer.


Define human generosity.

Someone who has taken time to spend time with me, lend me a place to live on occasion and shown me that it's not as hard in life as I might see. They're a great lateral thinker with a lot of patience, and sometimes, when you work in the arts, you need those people.


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