Beth Brash

The word ‘voracious’ comes to mind when describing Beth Brash. Not in terms of devouring great quantities of food but rather in her hunger for people’s stories and her ability to tell them so beautifully. Last year, Beth and her sister, Alice, started Eat & Greet, a self-described ‘Wellington food blog with Sweet Eats Served 24/7’. Alice does all the design and photography while Beth interviews the amazing people behind the plates. She’s slowly meeting and greeting the finest practitioners behind Wellington’s food (and coffee) offerings and aspires to Norm-like status whereby she can walk into any eatery in Wellington and have them know her name. We asked her to tell us her stories for a change.


What’s happening in the world of Beth Brash for 2013?

The first six months of 2013 have been a roller coaster of awesomeness for Eat & Greet. I've started hosting classes at the City Market where I get to bring in some of my favourite foodie icons and inspirational people for intimate hands-on cooking classes. I've also started running other food-focused events. Recently I was part of an SPCA charity event at Golding's Free Dive along with local brewery Garage Project. I had a little hotdog stand, which has always been a dream of mine!  As for the next six months, I have more events up my sleeve, collaborating with some of the wonderful people and food producers we have here in Wellington.


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

Sharing a meal. Food has an amazing way of creating community, culture and friendship. The simple act of sharing a meal, whether it is with family, friends or strangers, will always bring people closer.


Describe the most generous person you know and how they influenced you.

This is pretty cliché but I'm going to say my mum. She is the most amazing woman. She cares so deeply about those around her and that has definitely rubbed off on me. She will often put the happiness of others before herself. She is also an amazing and adventurous cook. From an early age, she was cooking up loads of different dishes from around the world (an anomaly in small town NZ in the 90s). This of course has instilled a love and appreciation of food in me. It also means I'll always order the weirdest thing on the menu! 


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

I love everything that Kaibosh do. Seeing so much food go to waste breaks my heart. It is inspiring to see people challenge the system.Martin Bosley has recently been working with long-term prisoners at Rimutaka prison, teaching them to cook and challenging stereotypes. It has been humbling to hear about his experience with them. His students will be presenting a four-course degustation as part of Wellington on a Plate. The event sold out in 14 minutes, which I think this says a lot about what an amazing initiative it is.I'm inspired by incredible women who are leading the way in a new wave of feminism. Not bra burners but bra bedazzlers! Notably Lena DunhamCaitlin MoranTavi Gevinson  and (a bit closer to home) Rachel Taulelei.


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