Sam Hazledine

Sam Hazledine lives with purpose. It’s a trait he believes matters most in the pursuit of a successful life – that people live in a way that’s good for others and that they know why they want to matter. Sam lives in Queenstown with his wife and two daughters and is the Founder and Managing Director of Australasia’s fastest growing recruitment company, MedRecruit, which has featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 as the fastest growing service business in the country. He was awarded The Ernst & Young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and he’s written two acclaimed books, ‘Head First – The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Doctors’, and ‘Unfair Fight – Give Your Small Business the Winning Advantage’. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and believes that the intersection between mindset and action is where success is found. 


What’s happening in the world of Sam Hazledine for 2014? 

As they say in Australia, ‘flat out like a lizard drinking’. With two little girls, my business MedRecruit, my new book Unfair Fight, and our foundation sponsoring work in East Africa, life is pretty full.

I think the outcome of a successful business is to change the status quo of its industry for the positive. So with MedRecruit we are focusing on how we can help doctors to love their work, and how we can help hospitals do more with less and still increase quality.

Unfair Fight is all about giving small business owners an advantage over their bigger competition so I’d like to see that change the status quo for small business owners to help them be really successful.

Just writing this that sounds like quite a lot, so probably I need to get more regular with Transcendental Meditation, so thanks for the push!


Describe the most generous person you know and how they influenced you.

There isn’t one person – there are so many generous people I know.

I think anyone who is really successful lives with purpose; they live in a way that’s good for others and they know why they want to matter.

I think the world supports those who support the world, so mattering is about the good you do for others to make their lives better.

I know people who donate millions of dollars to worthy causes, and I know people who don’t have much financially but who donate what little they can. I know people who spend all their time on charity work, and I know people who are flat out who still find the time to make a difference.

They are all generous.


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

Asking the question ‘what would excite me?’

Many people get caught up in setting goals, but they do so by asking ‘what can I achieve safely?’ There’s no passion or power in that so they set outcomes inside their comfort zone and they don’t even achieve them.

I think the secret of the people who change the world is that they ask ‘what would excite me?’ because by asking that simple yet powerful question they set their sights on what’s truly meaningful to them so they find the passion and power to get there.


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

My daughters, because they are so present with life and they just live it at 100%.

My wife Claire, because she is an incredible person and my success is largely because of her but she doesn’t get the spotlight on her.

The teachers who I’ve been fortunate to have in my life, because they give so generously and make my life much better. 

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