Edison Robinson

Edison Peacefully Robinson or Dr. Edison Super Girl Robinson as she prefers to be called, likes to sing and dance, she loves to make things out of anything; toilet paper robots, princess wands and flower soup! Our youngest One Percent Collective Founding 40 member, daughter of a former charity worker, and named after a refugee in Thailand, she knew when mummy went away on an airplane, she was going to care for children less fortunate than her.


What’s happening in the world of Edison Robinson for 2014? 

Well, the ava day I decided I would give my money box money to the children with no mummy and daddy vat my mummy used to work with (SpinningTop). I wanted to give them money for food, blankets, bedtime toys and I wanted to buy them a house but there wasnt a lot of money in the money boxes so I fought I could build one. But I need more money to buy the fings you need to build a house so I am selling my art to people. I have sold a lot, mummy says maybe 30 pictures. People like them a lot you know. Some people buyed a lot of pictures and some people askeded me to do special pictures of fings they love, like their pets. Now I have soooo many coins, and some of the paper moneys too and mummy said some people paid on the computer but I DO NOT know how they do that? Is that even possible? I just say "please can you send me some money, and I will send you back a picture" and the money just comes like that.


Describe the most generous person you know and how they influenced you.

I've got more than just one, it's Mummy, Daddy, Santa & Lilou..... Mummy because she buys me pink biscuits, daddy because he gets us money every day when he goes to work, santa because he flies around the whole world and gives everyone presents you know, except the bad people. I gave Santa a high five once, but I probably won't give him a high five again because I might not see him again. And my little sister Lilou because she pulls my hair, all that sort of stuff is good you know.


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

Say good things to people, because I remember there were some workers outside kindy a long time ago and I said hello, good morning and I made them happy and they smiled a lot. Fings like that make people happy, or to say, I love you, you look pretty, thats nice too. I just know to be nice to people and and to give people squeeze cuddles because they make people happy too.


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

1. My brain, sometimes my brain helps me blow up balloons and makes me think of amazing things to make and draw.

2. Flowers because I can make fings with them, because they are so pretty you know like bootiful colours, you know you can pull the petals off and make bootiful flower soup. But you can only pretend to eat it, its just pretend.

and another one is three right? 

3. Ok glitter you can do amazing things with glitter, once my friend at kindy wanted me to make them a bottom shape with glitter for their mum for mothers day so I made her a bottom picture with, you know, the bottom bumps, I mean, you know the cheeks at the back. You can make all sorts of things with glitter.

Note from Edison’s Mum – Although the fund raising idea was Edison's, I can not stress enough how valuable the exercise has been. It has taught her empathy, the difference between a need and a want, the value of money, confidence as there has been demand for her art and people have paid for the honour, a sense of pride and accomplishment at coming up with an idea, following it through and achieving outstanding results and lets not forget, the art of generosity. I would encourage other parents to tell them what Edison has done and see if they'd like to give it a go! These little people really could change the world.

*To date, Edison has raised over $500

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