d'Arcy Lunn

d’Arcy Lunn believes in the simple life and in the dream of a world without extreme poverty. He travels the world with his passion in tow, teaching , volunteering, learning, listening and sharing with schools, universities, businesses, community groups, and governments work towards a better future. Over the past 14 years he has travelled to more than 60 countries around the world – including Kyrgyzstan, Arctic Canada, and throughout Africa. He recently finished six months on the Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program with UNICEF in Uganda. When he’s not imparting inspiration to others, d’Arcy lives happily, and simply, off the grid in Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast to get reinspired once again.


What’s happening in the world of d'Arcy Lunn for 2014?

Who knows? Certainly not me. But I love that. I get to follow my dreams, passions, interests and opportunities that come my way. So far in 2014 I have been through southern Africa, lobbed into my hometown for a few days in Australia and again jumped overseas to Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei; working on youth leadership, global awareness, and great ideas and actions to change the world. In April I have been very fortunate to be back living in my Happy, simply home in Aotearoa New Zealand doing a bunch of different social and environmental justice ‘things’. May and June will have me organising another Happy, simply home in my hometown of Adelaide and then in June I really have no idea which fork in the road I will take but there is a smorgasbord of options to stick my fork into like an awards program called Polio Points, a 1500km walk in Japan called Teaspoons of Change, writing a book, doing more volunteering with UNICEF and giving loads of global awareness presentations… I feel very rich that I get to choose any one or all of these!


Name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated.

I usually like to say – eat chocolate (Fairtrade chocolate) which is very popular but there is one I like more than that – VOLUNTEERING. It is such a rich thing to do, not in money obviously but in experiences, learning, sharing, connecting and making a difference. Any amount of effective volunteering you can do can make a huge difference. Start at home in your local community and learn to become a great volunteer, then if you are interested maybe look at professional volunteering programs overseas like VSA, RedR, STOP Program, AVI, VSO and many more. Volunteering is usually underrated by most people in society but I think it is the most rewarding and effective form of work when you have a passion for the volunteering you are doing. Also it is a great way to get your most desired job or strive for your dreams

On top of this I think a big game changer is to live happily and simply – go for a walk, meet with friends, consume less and enjoy what is around in society and nature – the best things in life are not things eh!


What inspires you and why?

Mountains: when I climb mountains everything makes sense and is meaningful - it turns me back into a pure human being where I only have to concentrate on breathing, moving and thinking. This is where I gather my thoughts, reflect on my experiences and set a course for future action.

Simplicity: when I boil myself and society down into simplicity where just enough is plenty and less is more, I always feel abundant, connected, wiser, richer and happier. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it is hard to get yourself on that path but it ends up being such a beautiful rich path that has so many wonderful effects on yourself, others and nature. Some of my favourite sources of inspiration and reflection include: www.happysimply.wordpress.comwww.makewealthhistory.org, www.simplicityinstitute.org and many others like Moneyless Man, Buy Nothing New Month, Story of Stuff, Post Growth Institute, etc… 

Riding a bike: I still feel like I am 10 years old with the wind rushing past me and a beaming smile on my face whilst riding a bike. I love bike riding for adventure, travel, fun, transport, fitness and being more closely connected to community and nature.

Michael Franti: the musician from Spearhead, is, was, and will always be a great source of reflection, information and inspiration.


Describe the most generous person you know and how they have influenced you.

Sorry I can’t break generosity down to one person. I have been so privileged to have received the most amazing generosity, kindness and hospitality from every kind of person regardless of country, age, culture, religion, economic status or anything else and this is from over 60 countries and many different kinds of people! These experiences and this influence mean I can only be the most positive and optimistic person ever! Based on my experiences – humans are truly wonderful and amazing (absolute majority of them, majority of the time).

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