12 Directives To Make A Better World

– Article originally from The Generosity Journal Issue Four –

Who doesn’t love an article with bullet points? You feel as though you’re reading something a lot faster than usual, consuming the text like a rabid, literate dog. Also, if directives are itemised into, say, 12 easily digestible chunks, you know where you are and how much you have to go. It’s worked for Alcoholics Anonymous for years so why not me?

Words by Ben Hurley.


1. Stay Positive. Constantly saying things like “the world is a terrible place” and “humans are the worst” isn’t helping anyone and just makes us all feel defeated. Sure, we might be in a bit of a mess but we have always been in some sort of mess. History documents some of the worst examples of human nature: war, slavery, cruelty and Limp Bizkit, but we have to hope that things will get better. I believe we are learning from our mistakes. You wouldn’t describe humans as ‘gifted’ learners but we are getting there, slowly.

2. Don’t wear shoes if you don’t have to – it’s the most acceptable form of public nudity. Everyone is a happier person when they are barefoot on sand or fresh cut grass.

3. In traffic, let other cars in. I know we are a competitive sporting nation but you’re not going to ‘win’ at traffic. Leave a gap and let them go in before you. They aren’t beating you – they’re in the same crappy commute as you.

4. Do things rather than have things. Travel, walk, jump, see, listen and feel. If the world is going to get better, don’t you want to experience it? Besides, you really don’t need another lamp.

5. Stop arguing on social media. Don’t get me wrong, the potential for social media for creating a better world is incredible, it’s just that we seem to be getting distracted by squabbling with each other. No one has ever made a decent argument in 140 characters so don’t bother. Send a message to an old friend instead.

6. Get every nation on earth into cricket. No two cricket-playing countries have ever gone to war with each other. Fact!

7. Create. Knit a jumper, cook a meal, build a spice rack, record a podcast, write a haiku. The ability to create sets humans apart from the other animals. There’s nothing like the feeling of standing back and looking at a thing well made.

8. Get the jerk chicken roll from Bird on a Wire. This is absolutely not a paid plug. It’s just an amazing sandwich that is so good it has the potential to create world peace.

9. Be a low level superhero. The old adage “bad things happen when good people do nothing” is a saying for a reason. You’d be amazed at how much impact someone saying “Hey. Stop that please!” (in your best school teacher voice) has.

10. Never stop learning. Especially about the other people in the world. Today I learnt that Ethiopia follows a calendar that is seven years behind ours. I’m going to go there and relive my late 20s.

11. Don’t wear pants if you don’t have to. It’s a less acceptable form of public nudity than the shoes one (see number two) but the same thing applies for sand and grass.

12. Don’t be a dick. You know who you are. Stop it.

13. Always do more than people expect.

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