Busy Busy Busy!

You might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s because everybody is busy!  

Our charities are busy changing lives. You’re busy doing what you do. We’ve been busy figuring out how to keep busy people like you in the loop with what we’re up to, the good work your chosen charities are doing, and making sure we all feel a valuable part of the Collective.

We’ve also been busy battling the algorithm monsters. They're the ones who eat our emails and stop you seeing our social media posts.

So, we’re making some changes.

What’s Changing?

One Percent Collective began in 2012. For a while now, our main forms of communication have been a monthly ‘Storytime’ newsletter, social media posts, events, and The Generosity Journal which is printed and published roughly annually.

In 2019, that model is a bit broken. Everyone’s inboxes are full of unopened newsletters. Social media posts are lucky to reach 10% of their audience. The one thing that really ‘sticks’ though is The Generosity Journal. It is long-life comms with no ‘best by’ date. Back issues of The Generosity Journal get read every day at cafes, baches and fish and chip shops around the country. There might even be one on your bookshelf or coffee table. The trouble is, we only publish one per year. If you’re thinking the simple solution is to publish it more often – we’re on the same page.

We’re pulling back on creating comms solely for digital distribution and upping our printed publication game. Issue number 6 of our Generosity Journal hits the street in June, then you’ll see two more through 2019. NZ Post hooks us up with free community envelopes so we can mail copies to donors.

Of course, we’ll still be in touch with news and tidbits in between issues. We’ll also be chopping the Generosity Journal’s stories and features into bite-sized nuggets you can snack on via social media.

Make Some Noise

The other exciting change is The Band. We love the idea of the Collective shaping the Collective. Some donors are happy to simply give their 1% and know that they’re doing good. Others are super-keen to get involved.

Logo by the incredible  Inject Design

Logo by the incredible Inject Design

The Band will provide ways you can help shape the future direction of One Percent Collective and make sure your experience as a donor remains relevant.

One of the things we’re keen to do is get a group riffing on ideas in a cool venue over some drinks. Think of it like a jam session. At other times, your involvement may be as simple as passing the next issue of The Generosity Journal on to friends, family and colleagues. Y’know, like handing out gig flyers. If you want to help us make some noise and haven’t already joined The Band, let us know below.

We’re Human

One thing that won’t change is our Collective values of being open, human and real. If you’ve got any questions about these changes, about the Collective in general, or some rad ideas about how we can do things better we’re always available via crew@onepercentcollective.org

Thanks for taking the time to read this update.

– Pat, Ben and our Board of Trustees