Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre helps children and young people with a wide range of special needs, including those with physical, developmental, intellectual, behavioural and emotional issues.

Why do you exist?

We’re here to help children and young people grow and develop to reach their true potential, regardless of their abilities or background. We’re here to help them improve their emotional well-being, physical skills, social functioning, communication and cognitive skills.


What do you do?

We work one-on-one with children and young people, or in small groups. The Music Therapist assesses the client’s strengths and needs and sets goals in collaboration with parents, carers and other professionals involved in the child’s care. In music therapy, the client experiences music improvised uniquely for and with them. They have the opportunity to interact and communicate musically and to express themselves in whatever way they can – using their body, voice, instruments or combinations of all three. But most of all, they form a creative and unique relationship with their Music Therapist. From this musical relationship beneficial changes and developments are encouraged and worked for in a safe and creative way. Music therapy can help address many different needs including: communication; self-esteem and self-confidence; relationships with others; concentration, attention and memory; shared and reciprocal play; vocalisation and verbal skills; physical skills and co-ordination; emotional and psychological issues; self-expression and creativity; independence and autonomy.


How can we help?

We know there are many more children out there that we can help, who are not able to get to our Centre each week for therapy. We already deliver Outreach programmes in some schools, early childhood centres and community facilities in Greater Auckland, and we would like to expand these programmes. We also have clients who have come to us from as far away as Hamilton, Northland and the East Coast. We would love to make it easier for them to access music therapy. We’re already working on plans to address this with our immediate goals being:

  • To increase the number of schools, early childhood centres and community facilities we can offer music therapy sessions via Outreach programmes to.
  • To establish satellite music therapy centres in greater Auckland, specifically South Auckland and the North Shore/Rodney districts.
  • To develop more joint projects with other service providers.

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre are a legacy charity of One Percent Collective. To learn more or support their great work head to www.rmtc.org.nz/