Reuben Harcourt

Head of Digital

Reuben drives the digital engines here at One Percent Collective, meaning he jumps between digi marketing, communications, UX design and anything in-between. His bread and butter is in digital storytelling, producing powerful stories on the impact of our Collective's 1%'s through our partner charities.

His background is in creative writing and fundraising. After studying Philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington, where he once had to write an engaging article about whether or not the colour red exists (no joke), he travelled to Nepal and was caught up in the catastrophic 2015 earthquakes. 

Playing on his own poor experiences of donating money, and wanting to do things differently, he started a wee fundraiser based on social media that spanned the next three months, engaged over 8000 people, and grew into a mammoth $80,000 disaster-relief fund.

He believes the reason it worked was because of the connection people felt. The sense of community was built off of a clear promise that 100% of donated funds would be used to work collaboratively with locals to buy urgent supplies, and real stories of hope told with photo and video about the people being helped with donations after each aid mission.

After landing safely home, the stint of playing charity, journalist and accountant lead straight to a chance encounter with Pat Shepherd and a young One Percent Collective.

He was hooked. He saw what Pat had set out to do with 1% as a brilliant example of everything he had loved, and that had been so successful, about his own experiences in Nepal right there in One Percent Collective – the storytelling, the drive to work with small agile organisations, the community and commitment to passing on 100%.

Adopting Pat as his mentor, he began volunteering his time to research and development for One Percent Collective. And lucky enough to have his mum's house on the Kapiti Coast to crash-land in after Nepal, he delayed the move back into Wellington and return to work to devote more and more energy into the 1% experience – even donating 1% of his sickness benefit he received after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D) from the disaster-relief efforts.

Pat found the funding needed to bring Reuben into the One Percent team as Head of Digital early in 2016, and his passion now firmly lies in improving the donating experience and delivering powerful stories.

He also makes a mean lentil curry and a killer palak paneer. Reach out to say hi here.