Project Jonah works with trained volunteers across the country to protect the rights and welfare of marine mammals and the survival of New Zealand’s whales and dolphins.

Why do you exist?

We exist for one simple reason – marine mammals desperately need our help. Our vision is to create a world where these animals are respected and protected. To achieve this we need your support. If they’re not getting stranded, being hunted or dodging ships or fishing nets, they’re facing captivity or coping with polluted, noisy and dirty seas and a shortage of food caused by global warming. 


What do you do?

We train volunteers in New Zealand to help and protect marine mammals and advocate for greater marine mammal welfare legislation and initiatives. Established in 1974 we have been responsible for:

  • Training thousands of marine mammal medics to rescue stranded dolphins and whales Pioneering whale rescue techniques and developing the world’s first whale rescue training programme

  • Designing the world’s first whale rescue floatation device which is now used to save whales around the world

  • Helping establish the 1978 Marine Mammal Protection Act, New Zealand’s first marine mammal protection legislation Funding research that led to the creation of New Zealand’s first marine mammal sanctuary


How can we help?

You can help us increase the scope and reach of what we do best. Here are our current goals:

  • To extend marine mammal medic training to the most remote regions and stranding hotspots in New Zealand.
  • To better communicate life-saving whale rescue techniques to all New Zealanders through outreach education and awareness campaigns.
  • To put the World of Whales education resource in to action in every primary school in New Zealand, targeting almost 1200 schools and reaching more than 238,000 children.
  • To help station whale rescue units close to stranding hotspots permitting easier access to essential emergency equipment in remote areas.
  • To increase research to understand more about why whales strand, allowing the development of innovative techniques to prevent strandings and improve emergency response.

Project Jonah are a legacy charity of One Percent Collective. To learn more or support their great work head to