Powerful photos are core to the stories we tell here at One Percent Collective. They put a face to the words and help people connect with the humans involved.

Not only do they illustrate the story, a high-quality photo is often the difference between someone clicking to read the story at all, or reading past the first few lines.  This guide will help you to deliver the photos needed.

  • All photos provided need to be larger than 2000 pixels wide
  • Preferably landscape shape

When taking photos for a Collective story, there are two roles the photos need to fill: banner and mid-story.


Banner photos

The banner photo must be landscape shape to fit the space on our website. This is the hero photo of the story, sitting up the top along with the headline. Please provide a number of photos to choose from. Some examples of banner photos are below from stories 'Give People Their Lives Back' and 'Growing Healthier Kids'.


Mid-story photos

These are used to break up a story to make it easier to read. They're ideally action shots to illustrate the story, or to help visualise some of the key topics covered. Landscape shape works best. Please provide a number to choose from. See example of the mid-story photos in story 'War On Waste'.


Permissions and crediting

Please make sure we have permissions to use these photos from the people featured in the images. You can see where we plan to publish the images at the bottom of the story guide here.

Please also make sure to pass on details such as website, Facebook page and preferred method of crediting from the photographer if they would like to be credited for the photos.

Need help with photographers? We may be able to connect you with a skilled volunteer photographer to help you with your stories. Get in touch at crew@onepercentcollective.org