We’re easy … that’s what our donors tell us! We take the hassle out of regular giving. You donate just 1% of your income and get to be part of the generosity movement in Aotearoa. Oh yeah, you also get to keep the other 99%, winning!

We're stoked to have friends from all walks of life who support the 1% ethos…

Our Collective charities.

Our 250+ donors have collectively raised over $250,000 with their 1%, with 100% of donations going to their chosen charities. View the quarterly donations here.

Why One Percent Collective?

We're easy

Simple 5 min setup, stress-free management, one annual donation receipt.

Real stories

See the impact of your 1% for yourself with inspiring stories and interviews.

You're in control

You define your 1%, your frequency, split it how you want, no strings attached.

100% impact

100% of donations go to your chosen charities, transparent reporting.

Great community

Rock out at events, meet your charities, make a friend or two hundred.

A fresh take on giving

The giving evolution. Inspiration, innovation, no hassle, no hustle.


Go on then, inspire me with some stories.