Holding an event gives people the chance to meet the humans behind the charity and to connect further with your cause. It doesn't need to be big or flashy, it's just a way to connect with you and your community.

When you partner with One Percent Collective, you commit to holding two events in the year where your donors and supporters can come along – one event within the first six month period and another within the next. and We’ll give you the help you need to get started if you need event advice and support.

These events can be incredibly simple. Here's a few examples below.


Matt Dagger and crowd at the Kaibosh office

Matt Dagger and crowd at the Kaibosh office

Kaibosh, 2015

Kaibosh invited their community of donors, supporters, volunteers and interested people along to their Tennyson Street office in Wellington for an after-work drink and a tour of their space. The bossman Matt welcomes everyone, spoke about their history and their vision, and walked them through the facility explaining how they work. He said a big thanks for the support and they all had a drink, some chips and a chat. That was it. 

People went away feeling involved and valued. They had a whole new trust and respect for what Kaibosh do and the chance to see that it's not a faceless organisation – it's a group of passionate people with a vision. Kaibosh also gained new volunteers and donors as a result of the two hour event.


Performers in Manawa Ora 2016

Performers in Manawa Ora 2016

Nga Rangatahi Toa: Manawa Ora

Every year, Nga Rangatahi Toa (NRT) run their flagship performance Manawa Ora, where a number of their rangatahi perform and Founder, Sarah Longbottom, briefly speaks about NRT and what they stand for. 

To connect with their One Percent donors in Auckland, they simply offered them complimentary tickets to come along. They were always going to run Manawa Ora, so it was no extra work at all, and it's a perfect example of a Collective event – a chance for your tribe to see your work for themselves and get inspired.

For your organisation, an event can take many shapes and forms. You could collaborate with groups or other One Percent Collective partner charities in your area to give a talk or a tour. Have a comedian or a musician mate who'd love to help you out? Through 2017, we'll be building this guide out with shared resources, ideas and contacts to support you in making awesome events happen!

Need support with your events? We're here to help with ideas – flick us an email at crew@onepercentcollective.org