Wanna meet the people running those awesome charities you support through One Percent Collective? Wanna get connected up with a community of people who give a %? Come to our events. As a Collective member, you'll get invites in your email if there's something happening in your area.

Generosity Sessions.

A couple times a year, we get the Collective together to celebrate the good stuff at our Generosity Sessions. That can be anything from Sam Judd sharing the story of why he started Sustainable Coastlines, the 1% crew filling you in on upcoming plans and a chance to grab a fresh copy of The Generosity Journal, or Warren Maxwell and Thomas Oliver playing for donors and supporters at The Moorings in Wellington.

Matt Dagger and crowd at the Kaibosh office.

Matt Dagger and crowd at the Kaibosh office.

Charity events.

Every now and then, our partner charities invite their Collective supporters to wee get-togethers to meet the humans running things and see how it all works. These events take many shapes but the aim is always to have donors come away feeling inspired, proud and connected with their cause.

Volunteer days.

Our partner charities often have volunteer days for the Collective to muck in. Check out some shots from a class with Garden to Table and a beach cleanup day with Sustainable Coastlines.

Business talks.

Our business talks are our way of sharing the Collective's vision with companies here in Aotearoa who also believe in a more generous and sustainable world. More on business talks here.

Most of our events are exclusive to One Percent Collective members. To get invites to 'em all, give your 1%.