Later on this year we’ll be looking to add a few new One Percent Collective partner charities into the mix. Before we start this process, we wanted to learn more about the sort of issues you are currently most passionate about, through this simple 2 question survey below.

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Categorising issues people feel strongly about can be a challenge with no simple list that covers every category. So for Q1 we've decided to look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and which of these goals our Collective are most passionate about.

The featured graph image here is a real simple way to see which of the SDGs impact Economy, Society or Biosphere.

Then in Q2 you can go for gold in getting more specific in the areas you are passionate about or tell us about any Kiwi-based charities that you hugely admire.

Survey Time.

Which of the Sustainable Development Goals are you most passionate about? *
Tick the 3 that mean the most to you right now.
We know the above list can be quite broad. This is your space to give us some of the finer details about specific areas you are passionate about.* (e.g. Refugee Services, Mental Health, Māori Development, etc)

* Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Our board of trustees will take all of the responses into consideration when sitting around the board table and reviewing the applications we receive.