We get it, donating can be hard work. You want to, but you don’t have time to stop, you never have spare change and there are too many good causes to choose from. That’s why we’re doing this, to make it easy and rewarding to give your 1% to charity and we are very excited to be work with all you generous Box™ peeps.

We're stoked to have friends from all walks of life who support the 1% ethos…

One Percent Collective & Box™.

"We searched for a while to find a charitable organisation to align ourselves with and finally found it! One Percent Collective resonates with our fresh, creative style and makes it appealing and really simple to get involved with some fantastic Kiwi charities. As with all good brands, their personality shines through and we’re both humbled and excited to be part of the OPC family." ~ Dan Heyworth. CEO

Our Collective charities.

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