Amped4Life works with  schools, industry and communities across New Zealand to address the underlying causes of drug and alcohol abuse and offer support services to tackle this insidious problem.

Why do you exist?

We help our young people make better choices in life. Amped4Life tackles the underlying causes of addiction and drug and alcohol abuse in New Zealand by engaging and empowering rangatahi with powerful health and life skills messages. 


What do you do?

Amped4life provides health and life skills programmes which educate and equip high school students. We show young people how bad it can get and help them see that their choices now will affect the rest of their lives. Since 2002, we have visited over 555 high schools in New Zealand and spoken to over 243,000 students to deliver inspiring messages of positive decision making. Amped4Life works in collaboration with schools to deliver specialised services that reflect the needs of the community and the experience of children and youth.


How can we help you?

You can help us grow Amped4Life so we can reach more students and support them to make better decisions for their futures. These are our current goals:

  • To achieve more presentations at high schools across New Zealand, 50-100 per annum.
  • To produce video content for the website to show the charity’s great work.
  • To develop the website (including functionality and content generation).
  • To create resources, hand outs and brochures of different drugs/ dangers etc for schools communities and Industry.

Amped4Life are a legacy charity of One Percent Collective. To learn more or support their great work head to